How It’s Made Ice Cream Treats

We’re saying good bye to the month of May next week and as you all can see, temperatures are getting pretty high now. And what better way to cool yourself off on a hot day than to grab yourself a nice ice cream of your liking and enjoy it like it’s last. Ice cream itself is not all that difficult to make when you know how and have the right machines to do it of course. I remember when I was working for the bakery still and we were making our own ice cream in the summer days, that it was really nice to stand next to the ice cream maker and wait for the icy goodness to be ready. Of course we also made some extra so that personnel there well stocked with it without dipping into the one that was meant for customers.
Now if you’re wondering how those that you buy in a store are made, then check the video below as it’ll explain the art of ice cream treats. Doesn’t look too complicated really.


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