How to Dance in The Club

Now here’s a subject we haven’t touched yet. Clubbing! Alright, it might not be Friday night today, nor Saturday night, but who says you can’t have a party in the middle of the week? Usually work and other responsibilities dictate the midweek. Those however should not hold any power over the weekend time! That start at Friday afternoon, just to be clear. Alright, you get into a club and get yourself something to drink. Now it’s time to party and you look around the dance floor to find a decent spot to occupy. While searching, you also check how people are dancing, who’s the funniest, who has weird clothes and such things. Okay, you find a spot and you’re ready to get going with the show. Wait a minute, you suddenly realize you don’t really know how to dance. You take a sip of your drink and decide it doesn’t really matter since most others around you don’t either. Or so you think! See the video below and decide which dance have you actually mastered without even knowing!


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