How to peel apple like a boss

I am nowhere near a chef myself. I know how to cook a thing or two and that’s enough to keep me going. Luckily I have no one to cook for so it doesn’t really matter what happens in the end. I mostly just say to myself if I put only good things in, the outcome can’t be bad either. Usually it is the case and it works out fine. I do stick to more simple things though. I don’t mind cooking at all or preparing food, the only thing I’m really bad at is peeling stuff. If I’m given a potato that’s still fresh and uncooked, and I have to peel it, chances are it’ll be rectangular at the end of the process. Same goes with apples, although I have gotten used to peeling those a bit more. That isn’t a big of a problem for a chef in the following video, where he peels that apple like a ninja!


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