How to Pronounce Uranus

Word pronunciation can be a tricky business sometimes. That’s mostly noticeable when you meet new people or discover new things. You know how things are spelled on paper but when you need to say those names and or thing out loud, you can make a rather significant mistake. That more so applies when you’re learning a new language and only slowly getting the grasp for it. I remember when I was visiting Holland a few years back, I wrote a couple of words down as I wanted to blend in a bit more when I walked into the store and bought some food. I was looking for something there and decided to ask one of the people where to find it. Now imagine this, as I was asking about apples for example, while my pronunciation was so bad, that I was actually asking for something quite a bit more inappropriate.
So that’s why saying words correctly is a good thing, even when it comes to our beloved planet Uranus. It’s okay, I giggle too.

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