How To Survive A Robot Uprising (aka Robopocalypse)

Survival is the key to our existence they say. Lately there’s been a lot of commotion about the zombie apocalypse and such things. The popularity of zombies has really risen in the past few years and I can’t really blame people with messing with the idea of zombies taking over the world. The chances of that happening are pretty slim though, but if such thing would occur, many people are ready for it and know how to deal with hordes of those pesky undead. Before the zombies though, there were robots on the rise. And if you think about it, that would be a more sensible fear to have. Sensible compared to zombies at least. I haven’t really seen much fuss around how to protect oneself from big robots. You can blast a zombie made of flesh and it will be hindered, but what do you do with robots?
This educational video has some of those answers!


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