Huge 40 Foot Slip N Slide Off a Cliff – Utah State

Summer finally rolled in with its warmth and hot sunny rays. It’s also time for people to take some time off, go on vacations, finish up school work and basically take a break from all the obligations they’ve been faced with throughout the year. It’s time to have some time for yourself, to spend with your friends and those who you love most. That means you would most likely be able to do something you normally don’t do, or at least not very often. And since it’s summer, the most welcoming and tempting activities are those that involve water and swimming to cool yourself down.  Water parks make such things very approachable and even spice the potentially dull swimming by adding a bunch of slides and toboggans into the mix. That’s all fun and such, but what if you decide to make your own kind of slide? Maybe the one that leads off a cliff into the sea? Not convinced yet? Take a look at the following video!

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