Huge slingshot cannon in action

Hobbies are something a lot of people practice. There are a lot of different ones, from doing sports, driving cars, knitting, gardening, photography and so forth. The guy we’re about to meet also has a hobby that isn’t anything too special at first glance. His hobby is making slingshots. He’s really good at making all kinds of different ones and his collection grows weekly as he’s doing his show on youtube constantly. If you take at least 30 seconds to check his videos, you’ll notice that a lot of his slingshots are far from being ordinary. From gatling gun slingshot, to several ant-zombie slingshots just in case of something happens.
In the video below you’ll be able to see his biggest and most powerful creation so far. It’s a slingshot that doesn’t shoot 20mm steel balls but a lot bigger ones, 80mm in fact. That’s why it’s called a cannon since it looks like one and functions like one, as you can clearly see in the vid.


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