I Have Timeline

That’s a bit vague title for a video, is it not? Do be honest now and tell me many of you thought about the same timeline Facebook is parading with lately? Well, tries to at least since not all that many approve of their new feature for whatever reason they come up with, so they’re holding back a bit. It’s quite interesting to watch a video where their timeline is presented like some sort of disease or illness that’s contagious. Like an STD or something. Well, in some cases they can be pretty spot on with that analogy since for some it can be like that. An addiction at least, but that’s beside the point. The interesting part is, that it’s a fine mockery of something no one would really think of mocking about 20 years ago. And that’s not all that long ago, is there.
Take a look and see for yourself, how you too can fight this sickness with your daily dose of real life!


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