If Angry Birds were an 80s home computer game

I know, I know, again with the birds of the angry variety, and yet, again with the “If x was made at Y” kind of thing, like that Facebook spoof from a few days ago. In my defense I find these things via different resources and I find them to be amusing, that’s why I post them. This one in particular bring out a pretty good nostalgia trip if you care enough to embrace it. For many games from that era when Commodore and Spectrum were the hype of the home computer industry bare quite a nice memory. Such makes them remember of good times, simpler times and just like human brain is suppose to be made, it mostly remembers the good stuff from long ago. I’m sure this following video aims to achieve that effect in particular, to make us remember. The graphic style is exactly the same, the sounds are spot on and the only experience this video lacks is giving us the feel for the ‘game’ itself. Do try to enjoy this!


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