If Diablo 3 were a girl

If you consider yourself as any kind of a gamer or computer games enthusiast, be it today or 12 years ago, you must know the Diablo series of games. Diablo 2 was a cult classic with its action role playing game playing style, memorable story, characters and immersion. There’re a lot of Diablo fans out there and if weren’t living under a rock for 10 years, you also know that there’s finally been a Diablo 3 game released. Fans rejoiced and cheered as they are able to play the final part of the Diablo saga. Or so they though. You see, Blizzard put a twist on the Diablo 3 and you have to make sure to be connected to the internet and have an online account in order to play it. All fine and well, until you get a horde of over 5 million people who want to play at the same time. Then the Error 37 happens. Over and over again, as servers are down and no one gets to play.
But no worries, launch issues have been dealt with and you’re free to go and explore the Diablo 3 universe as you see fit! Oh, and this is how it would be like, if Diablo 3 would be a girl.


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