I’m the one that’s cool – music video by The Guild

Now, I don’t know how many of you out there that are Wold of Warcraft players. I’m sure there’re some of you that also happen to drop by this place. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of the internet series (it’s more of a NetFlix thin I think) called The Guild. I am not an MMO kind of guy, never played WoW and I don’t feel like trying anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the series they make on that topic and about people who play it together in, well a guild. However, this post isn’t about the series but about the nice music video they have just released, kind of something for the fans that are looking forward for the next season of episodes. Song itself talks about how it was difficult to be a nerd or geek in school and how times have changed since they’re now becoming more popular ones.
It’s a nice music video in which many of you could probably find themselves as well. Enjoy!


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