Impossible Pool Trickshots 2012

Ah yes, pool. No, not the one you jump and swim in. The other one where you shoot the balls around with the pool que and if lucky enough hit a couple of side pockets in the process. Well, someone’s luck is someone’s skill and for many professional players there’s barely any luck involved in the process of their winning. Maybe we can count their luck being their opponents misfortune, but it’s pretty safe to say that everything they do there, is training and skill, so that there are barely any lucky shots. Which brings us to the other phase where you go beyond the normal game of pool and decide you want to do a lot more than just keep the ball on the table or shoot in straight line. Those pool balls seem to be capable of flying around, taking turns, skidding about and all sorts of things you usually don’t see in a tournament match.
Want to know what I’m talking about? As always, check the video below and see what a little bit of luck can achieve!

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