In Soviet Russia… People really should not drive into stores

Okay, I have no idea anymore. These Russian driving videos are pretty popular and are almost dime a dozen. Now I don’t really know if they really are Russian or not, but most of them seem to have a description written in Cyrillic, which I can’t really read yet alone understand. By the power of Google’s translate tools, we can decipher that no one got hurt in the following video, but I can’t seem to find any tools that will translate to me the idea behind what happened in the video blow.

I mean, seriously, what’s the matter with some people nowadays? And this is not even a lonely case, there’re a lot of such videos around I think. One would understand if it was an accident and those do tend to happen, yet you can’t call this an accident. You don’t drive into the store 5 times by accident and reap havoc around I think. Such videos really make me pretty angry.


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