Indian dubstep – Gerardam

There are very many different kinds of music genres around nowadays. A lot of seasonal things too I think. Certain music always remain popular while some other types just happen, live a while, and then die down a bit. Oldies classic never go out of fashion, but I’m not sure we can count those as a style per se.  Electronic music is also quite wide in variety so there’ve been quite a lot of different sub-genres in that area as well. Currently, the most popular of them seems to be called dubstep. I haven’t been really paying much attention before, but about 2 years ago, that type bloomed like mushrooms after the rain. The craze is pretty big and people do seem to like it a lot at the moment. And with odd sounds come weird dances that are quite suitable for the music. This is one of them and I must say it does seem to work surprisingly well.

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