Internet modem from 1964

Nowadays majority of frequent internet users connect to the web via broadband connections, being DSL, cable, lately more and more optics as well. Many remember the good old days when you had to use a dial up modem to reach the juices that offered the fruit of the web. It was an event on its own just to make things stable and rewards were all the greater when they were working well. The modems most remember were already being made to fit in a PCI slot in your computer. But like with all things in computer industry, they first had to be ridiculously big before they could get smaller.
Just check this working modem from 1964 here:

I can’t help but to say that thing is pretty advanced for the time period it belongs to, not to mention it’s still in mint condition and works as it was working almost 50 years ago.
The feeling of being one of the first people who stepped into the fresh snow of undiscovered BBS era must’ve been phenomenal. And even that came over 10 years after this modem dates.

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