Introducing Naptime!

People with kids will be right at home with this one. Well, I think I can say that everyone will be at some point and many have been pass that. I’m talking about kids giving tantrums whenever something doesn’t go as they would want or they don’t get something they want. All hell can break loose once they decide to throw a fit right at the most inconvenient places. Be it in the middle of the store because you don’t want to buy them a toy they want, or at a bank/post office where they’re tired of waiting and just want to leave at all costs. There are two things you can do in that case, you can either let yourself be embarrassed or see to it that they get what they want and hope it’s going to do the trick.
But wait, there’s another solution now and it’s called Nap time! Want to see how this miracle is used? Better check out the video below!


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