Introducing the Leap

Computer technology has come a pretty darn long way when it comes to inputting certain commands to a machine. From simple on/off switches that presented ones and zeros, then do keyboards that were able to give so many more of the commands at once. Buttons were and still are the top notch technology when it comet to input it seems. Of course there’re other ways of input as well, even 10 and more years ago you had special pens to work with the handheld devices and such while those have been replaced with a normal touch screen input today. Especially when it comes to phones and of course tablets. Or look at the gaming industry now. Kinnect makes you give command without even having a physical input device in your hands.
And now computers are being treated with the same ordeal as it seems. It’s a device that senses the position of your hand and makes it act like a mouse cursor of sorts, while it also support multi touch. Looks like it’s still in development, but from what I can tell, it’s more of a cool looking thing with limited use options. Perhaps this type of device will replace the very well anchored mouse at some point. We shall see.


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