JetBlue Pilot Clayton Osbon: What Made Him Snap?

Here’s a follow-up video of our post, “March 27, 2012 Flight 191 – JetBlue Pilot “Flips Out” CNN.” This video tries to explain the odd behavior of Jet Blue pilot, Clayton Osbon, who freaked out in paranoid-like fashion on flight 191 on March 27, 2012. Dr. Richard Besser speaks in the second video below about what may have been happening to Mr. Osbon as he was freaking out. He says that he believes it wasn’t a panic attack. He explains that in a panic attack “you might see a sudden onset of intense fear that something is happening to you personally. Heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, but you’re concerned about your own personal safety. You don’t have delusions.” He says that Clayton most likely had “an Acute Psychotic Break, where you have a disconnect from reality, you have hallucinations, aggressive behavior, agitation, racing around…” That is right in line with what everyone is saying about the situation. People who witnessed the situation were telling stories and this matches the description. I feel bad for the guy. Watch the videos that explain the entire situation about the “JetBlue Pilot Clayton Osbon: What Made Him Snap?”

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