Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective

Where I live, I don’t get to see these late night talk show types as there aren’t any. Even if they are, they’re very low quality and with some crude and unfunny humor that doesn’t really work for me. It apparently works with a lot of people, but when I watch it by accident, I’m only left with a question “Why?” Then there are these American talk shows with famous people hosting them and from what I’ve seen over the years of watching various clips, they’re a lot more down to earth and relaxed with neat little ideas that I find appealing from time to time. When I think about a talk show, pretty much only name that pops in my mind is Conan O Brien. By the looks of it, Jimmy Kimmel whose name I never heard before also has some wicked ideas that are rather harmless but present a decent amount of entertainment.
A good example is hooking a little boy to a fake lie detector and ask a bunch of awkward questions. It’s always nice to see that even hosts get caught off guard by some answers they get.

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