Jonathan Antoine – Time to Say Goodbye and Ave Maria

Jonathan Antoine videos are springing up everywhere now and Jonathan is receiving recognition all over the world. It’s quite an impressive story of how the internet, YouTube and video can help someone receive fame overnight. Even though he found his fame on Britain’s Got Talent, I don’t think he would have stayed in the dark without BGT. I think he was destined to be heard. One or two videos on YouTube would have given him all the recognition he would need before someone with a little influence noticed him and spread the word.

This video of “Time to Say Goodbye” is a great song by Andrea Bocelli. Jonathan, of course, nails it. He has a strong, controlled baritone / tenor opera voice that people are comparing to Luciano Pavarotti. Check it out and make sure to click “Like” to our Facebook page to the right of the videos. More great videos coming soon.

The sound on the song Ave Maria is a little crackly, but it’s okay, the performance by Jonathan is amazing! Jonathan Antoine has an extraordinary set of pipes; powerful and expressive and emotional. I’m impressed more and more as I watch these videos of Jonathan. He seems so comfortable when he’s singing, no straining or struggling on the high notes like other vocalists. He just lets the notes and words fly naturally.

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  1. The amazing thing about these 2 videos is that he was only 15 years old when they were recorded
    He is now 19 years old and so far this year has been on tour with Russell Watson, performed with David Foster in the USA, performed in Spain and recorded his own solo album to be released in october
    This young man really is a tour de force, and everyone will soon know his name

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