Juggling and solving Rubik’s cubes at the same time

One of the most popular childhood toys is most certainly the Rubik’s cube. Pretty much everyone has them or at least had them at some point, trying to twist and turn them around in order to solve them. I must confess that I haven’t managed to solve one as of yet so I can’t give any hints on how to do it. It wasn’t one of those toys I’d spend much time on anyway so I kind of left it abandoned long ago, saying I don’t have the nerves to solve it. Then there are people who find the ordinary cubes to be solved as easy as just throwing them at someone. So they decide to spice it up a little, for more of a challenge. Some do that by using more complex versions of the cubes that take even more mind skill, while others focus more on the mechanical skills.
Like this guy for example:

David Calvo really makes solving a cube look extremely easy while most of us just struggle with the normal ways of solving them!

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