Jump off a cliff, spread your arms and glide away

That is exactly what these brave, adrenaline craving people are doing. You might remember the flying human bird video from a few days ago, this is pretty much the opposite I’d say. First of all it looks very awesome, dangerous, and gives you a pretty good rush just by watching. Oh yeah, and it’s not fake. Guys in those wing suits look like those funky gliding squirrels you sometimes see on a TV documentary when they show them hopping from one tree and gliding to another.
See for yourself how a human squirrel looks like:

Now tell me you don’t want to get in one of those, take a helicopter to the top of a suitable mountain and just glide in the air. It looks quite spectacular just by watching, as for the feeling while experiencing that, it goes without saying it’s one special feeling. One would think this is the closest thing to experience such flight, but wouldn’t be great that you wouldn’t be restricted by gravity? There’s at least one guy who took care of that issue, but more about that in a tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned!

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