Jumping little robot – Sand flea by Boston dynamics

A couple of days back, I posted a nice video of a steam powered, remote controlled trike. You’ve seen in that video that such a machines is capable of tacking not just smooth terrain but something a little more rough and outland-ish as well. So far so good you might say, what else do you need from a RC vehicle anyway. Smart minds at the Boston dynamics, the same group of people who made a walking robot dog called Big Dog, they now made something a bit smaller and more practical. They’ve made a little remote control robot named Sand flea. At first glance it looks like a little bit of a crude version of an RC car. Well, most of the time it is just that, but it has another trick in it slee.. wheelbase. It has a nice little feature that makes it jump 30 feet in the air so that it can tackle buildings, as the video demonstrates. It’s also light and quite nimble so it can handle the rough terrain as well. See for yourself how easy it looks!

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