Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger by Seattle Childrens Hospital

Alright, this post is themed a little bit differently as it doesn’t present things that are a laughing matter nor pleasant in any way. It actually features kids from the Seattle children’s hospital that are batting their worst enemy they can think of, cancer. That is one of the toughest challenges if a person has to face with it personally. It’s very hard for the person that is ill and of course for those that are around for support, like friends and family. At that given point, everyone are battling the same thing and unfortunately the outcome isn’t as desired for most of the time. It’s not being pessimistic rather than being down to earth real, sadly it’s how this goes for the time being.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a flow of cheer and good will in the mix as that is utmost needed and desired for in such situations. That’s why the following video is a nice source of uplift!


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