Ken Block’s gymkhana madness – pard deux

I dare say that every man (a lot of women too) young or old have a knack for motorsports. Granted, not everyone is excited over Formula 1 racing or the Nascar races, but I think that there’s a great majority of those who enjoy a fine, dusty and exciting race with a lot of twists and turns. But those can be pretty long to watch and can lose some appeal after a period of time. However, Ken Block has made a few videos of him doing all the fun stuff we like to see in a rally concentrated in a few minute long videos. And yes, that is the same Ken who does rally driving for real, but that goes without saying when you see what he can do on the polygon. He knows how to part a car sideways in many ways.

Now before you ask why didn’t I share the latest addition to his collection, I’ll just say this; Impreza is a lot more of a rally car than a Fiesta. Even though that current Fiesta is tuned to the core and is far from ordinary, it’s still a Fiesta that’s associated with soccer mom’s driving kids to work or go shopping. No offence!


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