Kenny Brooks funny Door-to-Door salesman

Surely everyone is familiar with those door to door salesmen who tend to drop by your door step at least once a month selling you all kinds of different things. Oh man, do they even run out of selling different things? Each time there’s someone else who wants to sell me something at an offer I simply can’t refuse. If it weren’t for those saviors on my doorstep, my life would be deprived of all the joys that boring books bring, or maybe a set of pans and pots that are really the best on the market for even a better price. I remember one time when I was woken up at about 7:30 in the morning and I thought it was an early mail man. I sure was wrong when I opened the door where two guys were selling bed mattresses. Apparently I’ve been sleeping on the wooden bench this whole time. Who knew!
On to the following video here. It’s a parody of sorts by a comedian named Kenny Brooks who’s selling his cleaning product door to door. Now that’s how you sell things!


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