Kevin Allocca from YouTube: Why videos go viral – TED Talks

Kevin Allocca of YouTube teaches us “Why videos go viral” on TED Talks. He gives several specific examples of different viral videos, providing the timeline of the video from release to today’s status. Kevin shares with us that videos normally get released on YouTube and may not see a huge spike in traffic until someone with social influence online makes a reference to the video. Once someone with social influence makes the reference, the video will almost instantly see a spike in traffic, making the video a success. I’ve seen people who posted viral videos on talk shows relating their experience. They never expected their video to go viral, but it just happened and now they have the opportunity to capitalize on their “luck.” This is exactly what happened to Yosemite Bear. His Double Rainbow video went viral like crazy and now he enjoys the fruits of having a viral video. In fact, the Auto Tune the News guys made a music video about the experience that we’ve posted before.

Kevin Allocca from YouTube - Why Videos Go Viral - TED TalksNot only does Kevin reference the Double Rainbow video, but he also mentions the Rebecca Black, “Friday” video, Nyan Cat, and others. This is a very interesting and informative video that you should watch, especially if you are interested in having a video go viral. Check it out and then click “Like” on the Facebook link to the right. We’ll be posting many more great videos soon!

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