Kevin Garnett Makes Free Throws Despite Distraction

Most of the players in any sport will probably agree when you asked them if playing in your home town, your own familiar place helps with the game. That way most of their fans and supporters have a chance to see their game and see them play. With that, they get plenty of support from the audience, cheering keeping the spirits up as high as possible. That’s all fine and well, but what if you’re on the opposite team. A team that is being a guest. It’s not like they don’t have their own supporters, but still not as many as the home team. I’m sure the pressure must be pretty high on the opposing team as they can sometimes be even rudely taunted from the back of the rows of people. Usually that applies to soccer matches, but is not restricted to it.
Even in basketball there are ways to distract other players, especially when they’re doing the free throws and face you pretty much directly. Take this big guy for instance, he tried with all his body but unfortunately didn’t manage to achieve his goal.


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