Kimberly Cole music video audition – dancing nerd

Apparently Kimberly Cole is making a new music video and she needs dancers who would dance in her new video, so she puts up auditions. Nothing unusual there, what she didn’t expect is that some nerdy looking guy would show up in his jeans pants,  Nasa sweater and a bunch of old video gaming peripherals. It’s fun how they all look at him funny and don’t really know what to think, but they keep quiet and let him do his things. Pretty sure everyone was expecting him to make a big fool out of himself, but after the first round where he opened it with a perfect flip, everyone was a little bit surprised at what they saw. It was clear then that he’s not your ordinary and stereotypical nerd, rather than someone who knows how do dance.

I know it’s act on his behalf, what I do not know whether everyone else were part of the act for the video as well. I would say they really didn’t know, at least not all of them since many of the expressions and reactions seems quite genuine to me.


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