Lady addicted to eating rocks!

Yep, you’ve read the title correctly. There is this middle aged lady who, at first glance doesn’t seem anything special. Just a lady who walks her dog around, checks her mail and does what most of the ladies do I guess. Except (at least?) one little thing which is eating rocks. The same rocks you usually walk over or toss in the pond. Those same rocks you tell your kids not to put in their mouth. Apparently someone didn’t pay close attention to her when she was a baby and didn’t get to know better. Okay, that’s not really the case here I guess, poor woman is just addicted to the crunchy sound they make when she bites on them and their earthly taste. Yeah… I can’t really imagine how her teeth must be, but by the looks of it they seem to be coping just fine as it is, which is pretty remarkable on its own.

And if you think this is strange, you better not check the other stuff that show covers! Some can be quite disturbing and raise a few questions.

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  1. om god me too!!!! X-P

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