Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs

Here we are once again. People, who own fast and expensive cars, but lack any kind of skill in the department of handling all that power under their butts. I have no problem with people owning expensive sports cars, if they can, let them. Good for them. But it is stupid too see how many people can actually afford such a car while they don’t really know how to use it. It should really be something like a course you’d have to pass when you bought the car in order to use it. Kind of like a training course you’d complete and they’d tell you: “Here you go sir, you know how to operate this expensive vehicle. Good day!” while they’d be handing you the keys of the car back. But then again, retailers don’t really care all that much, as long as it brings in the bucks.
And the bucks it brings since each time a person such as the one in the following video does such a stunt, they get good money from the repairs!


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