Ledge Man and The Assassin

Being an assassin must be quite a difficult job I believe. It’s not really one of those steady jobs nor is really the one that has dental care insurance. It does have good money in it though, at least most of the time. Depends on which side you end up. An assassin job is kind of like that project work you do for a company or an individual, you’re called when you’re needed and you’re paid when you complete the task, not before that usually. So in order to keep the cashfloow steady, you must be good at it and have to complete the given task to the letter, else you can kiss that hard earned money goodbye.
The problem can also occur when your target has already decided they don’t want to live anymore. One would think that’s a good thing, since they’ll be doing the work for you. But you’re not sure if that counts the same as you doing the job, so you better play on the safe side, like this guy in the following sketch.


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