LEGO Heavy Weapons

When I hear the word Lego, I instantly remember all the good times I had while placing those pieces together as I was younger. The possibilities were endless and with time there were more and more different kind of Lego sets. A lot of them were differently themed like a farm, underwater exploration thing, racing cars or some heavy machinery. The techinc kind of sets were my favorite since they were a bit tricky to put together and the end result was a machine that actually did what it was said to do. With all the air pistons and pumps to move things around, it was glorious.
Of course you didn’t have to follow the instructions at all and were free to built whatever you wanted. You had the building blocks, all you needed was an idea and you were good to go. Hence all the huge buildings people make, or cars that drive around. Things you don’t usually buy as set in the store. Same goes with the following products that feature a few weapons made of Legos. Now they aren’t deadly, but they can poke an eye out.

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