Luftbanza Airlines ( #Photoshop )

Have you ever browsed around the web and suddenly come across a picture that looked somewhat different. You weren’t exactly sure whether it is in its original form or has been tempered with by some image editing software such as Photoshop. Okay, some pictures are pretty obvious at the first glance as not everyone can just shop something and think none will noticed. A trained eye can spot even the tiniest of corrections on certain pictures. That’s especially noticeable in some commercials. You know all those creams that will make your skin smooth and take away all those wrinkles. Those before and after pictures can’t lie to you, can they. A little touch here and there and person looks a lot younger and more fresh. As easy as that.
Then there are people who practically breathe Photoshop and can create pretty much anything out of a series of different photos and putting their elements together into one. See the time-lapse video below, or at least listen to the great music!

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