MaKey MaKey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

It wasn’t long ago when I was saying in the post about the motion controlled input, that perhaps that is the future someday. Perhaps I didn’t think this one through since I mostly focused on the controller free input techniques. Now what if we turn that around a bit. As in completely and say that instead of having no physical devices in hand, you can use anything you see as in input device. Want your bottle of water to act as a spacebar? Done! Would you like those 4 bottle caps laying on the table act as arrow keys? Done! What about cutting out paper letters and use them as a keyboard? Of course you can! All that is possible do to this fine little invention these two guys from the MIT did. And the usage itself couldn’t be easier. You just clip two sides with alligator clips and you’re good to go!
Check out the demonstration in the following video!


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