Making Guy Friends

Why is it that making friends gets so much more difficult when we get older? It might be the reason we’re too self conscious and have these prejudices just about anything. I mean think about it, when you were a little kid you were self aware just enough so that you know what was happening around you, but you didn’t care all that much about things getting awkward when you did something. That also included talking to other people and being honest. Kids usually tell the truth as long as they’re not the ones hiding something they did so they don’t really worry about what people may think of them if they talk to them. But when it comes to adults, things get really awkward for some reason when one stranger walks up to another and tries to initiate a conversation. We always thing someone wants something from us so we tend to get all defensive and such.
A good example is this sketch here, which is pretty accurate for what it is!

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