Man made circles in snow – by Sonja Hinrichsen

The winter itself said its last goodbyes for the season not so long ago, and left us with some nice memories of skiing, sledding, jumping in the snow and all those happy winter joys. Excluding those that involve shoveling the snow around, getting stuck in traffic, skidding around unwillingly into another car, etc. That’s not the point though. Fresh fallen snow on the untouched corners of the planet where nothing else but trees grow, is a pretty looking sight on its own. Someone might even think of it as a fresh canvas to draw on even. Well Sonja Hinrichsen though exactly that and decided to coordinate a few people to ‘draw’ some circles in the snowy landscape and take some aerial photos of it all.
Here’s the result:

Don’t you agree it’s quite stunning to look at? Just the sheer size and detail this represents is quite remarkable and you don’t really see such things that often anymore.
Still, photos available here:

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