Man vs Bear

Wilderness can be a pretty tempting and beautiful place to be, don’t you agree? Some are lucky enough to get out there, rent a trip though safari or something similar and see all the cool residents in that area. But most of us are stuck to what we get in the forests and such places. In a forest, we can see a couple of critters if we’re very lucky. I’ve been living surrounded by forests my whole life and I’ve only seen a few deer. And I don’t even see those anymore. Like there’s nothing living in these forests. Haven’t even seen a fox, or something common. Nothing. Yet alone a bear.
Now some guy was lucky (if you can call it that) enough to find a bear poking behind, I presume, his house. I’m pretty sure a normal and sane person would first get the heck out then call someone who knows how to handle a bear. Not this guy though…

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