March 27, 2012 Flight 191 – JetBlue Pilot “Flips Out” CNN

Pilot, Clayton Osbon, on JetBlue Flight 191 flips out on March 27, 2012. CNN has some decent coverage that allows you to hear some of the things the pilot is saying, “I’m so distraught! We’ve got Israel, we’ve got Iraq! We’re gonna get…” I couldn’t hear the last word he said, but it was crazy. Passengers and crew members were holding him down and tying his legs and arms so he couldn’t move. He had come out of the cockpit unannounced, which is uncustomary of pilots today, and started walking to the back of the plane where he grabbed a couple waters and then started freaking out as he got to the front of the plane. The rant lasted about 10 minutes and the plane made an emergency landing in Texas. Luckily, the co-pilot was able to lock the captain out of the cockpit after noticing some “erratic” behavior, so there wasn’t any harm done to any of the passengers. Jason Levin helps CNN with his interview about the March 27th JetBlue, Flight 191 occurrence. Check it out!

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