Mars One introduction film – Living on mars in 2023

Quite a bit of time has passed since man was given the opportunity to go out in space and land on the moon to have a little walk about. It’s been 40 years since that and it’s only logical that after all this time, the desire to set foot on another planet is growing strong. Of course there’s always that tiny bit of a problem that’s called money. After the lack funding and support, those important things have been set aside and sadly never looked upon again. Looks like the powerful people don’t care much for science and such, as long as they have money. It does seem that these things are changing, at least considering this Mars One project the video below is talking about. This time we’re not going to conquer the Moon, but Mars rather. Which is just fine with me, and in only 10 years it seems. That’s quite a feat they wish to pull and if they manage to go though, what’s those 10 years compared to 40 years of nothing. If I wasn’t there to see the Moon landing, I sure do with I would be here now to see a man land on Mars!

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