Masters of Movement – Darren Berrecloth

Riding a bike is pretty much a common thing that everyone can do as long as they have the will to try it out for a while and get used to it. After that it’s a cakewalk and you don’t really think about it anymore. Sure, it’s not all that exciting or anything, but it gets you from one place to another a lot quicker in comparison to walking, or even taking a car sometimes. If you want to experience more thrills with riding a bike, there are plenty of options in that area as well. You can get yourself a nice mountain bike and go up and down forest paths and grassy hills, jumping over roots and rocks and what not until you’re completely exhausted. Then you also have those downhill challenges where you climb up on top of something high and, well, ride the bike downhill. Those demand quite a bit more skill and the result of something going wrong is usually a bit more devastating than just a bruised knee. Maybe I’ll just stick to the normal flat roads for now.

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