McDonald’s Breakfast 1984 -(Weird Paul)

The year 1984 was quite a long time ago. 28 years to be exact and that’s not an insignificant amount of time to start with. A lot has changed since then but there are also things that stayed the same. When it comes to culinary offer in the restaurant, I’m sure both cases apply to both. Some have about the same routine and ways of preparing food as they had from the moment they opened and refuse to change it. If it’s good and it works, then why break the tradition. In other places, such as McDonald’s for example, they have stepped up with the time. Menus got bigger and bigger by adding more things you can try out on the go or if you’re in a hurry. Now judging by the very old but surprisingly very YouTube-ish video from 1984, breakfast in McDonald’s looked a lot like an actual breakfast and not some food wrapped in paper.

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