Miami Zombie Attack Prank

Who hasn’t heard about zombies at least 50 times by now? Nobody? I thought as much. The thing is, we’re surrounded by mostly similar ideas when it comes to entertainment industry. It’s a very wide spread thing and claiming that is a pretty bold move. Then again certain things seem to be used over and over again. Same goes for zombies I would say. It appears that people embraced the idea and really like just about anything zombie related. There’re a lot of movies about them, a lot of video games where you get to dispose of the infestation and so forth. A lot of people came up with ideas what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse happens, when they invade or attack or whatnot. Surely most just play with the idea for fun, but what happens when you create a fear you never though you’ll have to face in person? See for yourself what happens when ‘an actual zombie’ attacks!


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