Millionare’s underground garage – Million dollar rooms

Garages are quite common, no argue there. With each house there comes at least one garage if not two. Depends on how big the family is and how many cars they have or plan on having. Garages usually serve as a hobby room, a place to hold a garage (duh) sale and a nice little shelter when you want to have a picnic but don’t have a decent back yard or the weather doesn’t hold the way it should. Garages are quite versatile indeed but the garage on the following video doesn’t really serve any other purpose than keeping vehicles safe. And it does that so that they’re pretty much untouchable from the outside. Regular people worry their garage might get broken in to during the night and someone could steal something. Or someone would vandalize their property. This is something the owner of this garage doesn’t have to worry at all, since it’s located underground and there’s a little bit of a twist to it if you want to get into it. Check it out!


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