Monkeys + Synthesizers – Voltfestivalen

My father always said, that this modern electro music is pretty dumb and unimaginative. Also “How can you listen to this? This is not music, every monkey can make this music!” I even tried to explain to him once or twice but in the end I just gave up. Accepted the fact that he won’t understand this music and that’s okay, he got the whole 70’s and 80’s music era to enjoy! I have however stumbled upon this video luckily. A bunch of people in Sweden decided to promote their electronic music festival by giving some Synthesizers to a bunch of monkeys and other animals and see what happens. Well, as it turns out, every animal can make some noise with the instrument, but even the most modest people wouldn’t dare calling it music. So I guess not just every monkey can make music.
Need more proof? Check the video below as always and see for yourself.

(Surprisingly they didn’t start playing our good friend dubstep, eh?)


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