Movies That Come to the Rescue Mashup

So we’ve had quite a fair share of mashups around here as of late. This time around we have a mashup of short bits and clips from movies featuring rescuing. Super hero rescuing to be more specific as we’re talking about all those situations where a super hero is needed to save a certain person, the world or just prevent a bad guy from doing bad things. And do we have a lot to choose from. As it seems there have been quite a few different ones throughout the passing time and there really is at least someone to fit each occasion. If you need someone who can fly, you go for Superman. If you need someone who can do stuff under water, you go for Aquaman. Oh? What’s that? Your cucumbers need slicing? Sounds like a job for Wolverine! As long as he’s not busy, though.
Check out the video below and see if you can follow with all the different characters flying around!

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