NBA mascot humiliated by a fan

Where I live, there’s not much trace of any NBA scale basketball games. We mostly get big things that consider winter sports and such, which is fitting for a small country located under the Alps. I think the closes thing to a ‘spectacular’ basketball event was the visit of Harlem Globetrotters a few years ago and from what I remember, it was quite a sight. If TV and the internet are to be trusted (hah, good one!) then I presume that such events which please the fans and interact with them are a common thing when it comes to the big league games. Plenty of those “score a goal” or “shoot a hoop” types of games which bring people rewards.
I’m quite certain the same was going on in the following video where four of the fans are given a chance to dunk a hoop after jumping on a nice trampoline. First three are not really that close, while the 4th one, Eddie, well he takes a bit of a different approach…


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