Nicki Minaj at Nokia Lumia 900 live in Times Square

Wow, isn’t Nokia something, hm? They’re struggling for the market quite fiercely, you got to hand it to them that. Even though the name still sounds strong, the Nokia itself isn’t winning anymore on the market of cell phones, that’s for sure. They have nice looking phones and I’m sure they work well, but they’re just passed their prime at the moment since they don’t seem to be jumping on the droid smart phone bandwagon. They eventually might, but it could be too late by then.
Regardless, they put a lot of faith in their latest product called Lumia 900 since they promote it any way possible. These massive live gigs are a prime example of such, where a lot of people gather around for a spectacle and not all realize it’s just a one big advertisement. Still, they enjoy and put up all kinds of flashy monitor and known people to represent them, in hopes it’ll reap success in the long run.


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