#NobodyPayingAttention – May

I don’t remember talking to anyone lately, who would say that time isn’t passing by quickly. I mean just look at it, celebrating new year feels like it happened last week while in reality it was almost half a year ago. Even the 80’s feel like they happened 20 years ago. Time is passing by quickly, no doubt. Mostly due to the way of life we’re embracing. Constant rush, keeping the same routine all day, every day. Weekend is usually meant for recharging and relaxing so that we can do the same thing next week. No wonder we miss so many things that happen around us, we don’t have time nor opportunity to take a look around for a moment and see what’s going on.
The same goes for all the technical advancements. We don’t really notice how things are progressing on the science field because we don’t have the time nor will to check. However, here’s a little recap of what happened in May and it’ll take you less than a minute (unless you actually read the words I’ve written, then it’s a bit more.)


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