#1 Dad

It’s been one year since the last father’s day already, eh? Time sure flies fast. And once more this day is upon us for all the fathers to enjoy. To all the dads out there, are you expecting anything special on this day, do you make it a tradition or is just something made up once again? And to all non-dads, do you have anything in store for your fathers? Father’s day is usually overshadowed by much more popular mother’s day. At least I think it’s more popular. No matter, what it might matter for some is, that today’s father’s day and luckily it’s also a Sunday so I see no reason for those traditionalists to get their grill on and have an eventful yet relaxing end of the week.
Now in the same spirit, I present the following video. It’s about father’s day as well but it is a bit obscure and unusual. You just have to realize it’s a parody and it doesn’t take itself seriously!

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